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Aangina is a tri-monthly magazine to nurture the creative literary talents that we have in our friends and their family members. The write ups are to be mailed by a particular deadline to a specific address in a specific format so that our Editor panel of friends have enough time to go through them and publish it on the Club page. We have successfully published the first issue which is stored in the file section of the club page and looking forward to publish the second issue in August 2020



With the pandemic worldwide we came up with a support system for our Friends and Family starting from Oxygen supply to COVID tests, Blood donations, Plasma donations, Ambulance service and Funeral support in Dhaka, Narayanganj and



One of our initiative that has a growing number of Doctor friends with specialization in different stream of Medical Science to support the members of our Friends family during this tested time. After mentioning the problems in club page one Admin friend gets a form filled up to forward it to the Doctor friend.



Our latest Project for children with special need. These kids and their families need immediate assistance for occupational therapies and Applied Behavior Analysis. We have plans with short term and long term goals to help any member of our Family,



Our ClubTV page is associated with our page now. We encourage our friends to come up with their creatives, in the form of songs, paintings and suggestions by the specialists to display and help other friends. We have initiated this to

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